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See below for the 2023 BLGNA fixture. 

For enquiries about playing times and trainings, please contact us via email or Facebook.

Rnd 1 - 22 April (Anzac Round)

Tanunda v Barossa

South Gawler vs Willaston

Kapunda v Freeling

Nuriootpa v Angaston – 25 Apr

Bye v Gawler

10 Jun - Long Weekend - Bye

Rnd 13 - 29 July

Angaston v Willaston

Nuriootpa v Barossa District

Kapunda v Gawler Central

South Gawler v Tanunda

Bye v Freeling

Rnd 2 – 29 April 

Freeling v Nuriootpa

Willaston v Kapunda

Barossa District v South Gawler

Gawler Central v Tanunda

Bye v Angaston

Rnd 8 – 17 June

Angaston v Kapunda

Freeling v South Gawler

Willaston v Tanunda

Gawler Central v Barossa District

Bye v Nuriootpa

Rnd 14 – 5 August

Tanunda v Kapunda

Gawler Central v Nuriootpa

Barossa District v Angaston

Willaston v Freeling

Bye v South Gawler

Rnd 3 – 6 May

South Gawler v Gawler Central

Kapunda v Barossa District

Nuriootpa v Willaston

Angaston v Freeling

Bye v Tanunda

Rnd 9 - 24 June 

Gawler Central v Willaston

Tanunda v Freeling

South Gawler v Angaston

Kapunda v Nuriootpa

Bye v Barossa District

Rnd 15 – 12 August

Freeling v Barossa District

Angaston v Gawler Central

Nuriootpa v Tanunda

Kapunda v South Gawler

Bye v Willaston

Rnd 4 – 13 May 

Willaston v Angaston

Barossa District v Nuriootpa

Gawler Central v Kapunda

Tanunda v South Gawler

Bye v Freeling

Rnd 10 – 1 July

Gawler Central v South Gawler

Barossa District v Kapunda

Willaston v Nuriootpa

Freeling v Angaston

Bye v Tanunda

Rnd 16 - 19 August 

South Gawler v Nuriootpa

Tanunda v Angaston

Gawler Central v Freeling

Barossa District v Willaston

Bye v Kapunda

Rnd 5 - 20 May 

Kapunda v Tanunda

Nuriootpa v Gawler Central

Angaston v Barossa District

Freeling v Willaston

Bye v South Gawler

8 -9 July 

Zone Championships

Held in Barossa 

Rnd 17 – 26 August

Kapunda v Angaston

South Gawler v Freeling

Tanunda v Willaston

Barossa District v Gawler Central

Bye v Nuriootpa

Rnd 6 - 27 May 

Barossa District v Freeling

Gawler Central v Angaston

Tanunda v Nuriootpa

South Gawler v Kapunda

Bye v Willaston

Rnd 11 – 15 July ​

Barossa District v Tanunda

Willaston v South Gawler

Freeling v Kapunda

Angaston v Nuriootpa

Bye v Gawler Central

Rnd 18 – 2 September 

Willaston v Gawler Central

Freeling v Tanunda

Angaston v South Gawler

Nuriootpa v Kapunda

Bye v Barossa District

Rnd 7 – 3 June 

Nuriootpa v South Gawler

Angaston v Tanunda

Freeling v Gawler Central

Willaston v Barossa District

Bye v Kapunda

Rnd 12 - 22 July 

Nuriootpa v Freeling

Kapunda v Willaston

South Gawler v Barossa District

Tanunda v Gawler Central

Bye v Angaston

2023 Finals Venues:


Saturday 9 September

Second Semi Final – Nuriootpa


Sunday 10 September

First Semi Final – Gawler Central


Saturday 16 September

Preliminary Final – Kapunda


Saturday 23 September 

Grand Final – Barossa District

Venue TBA

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